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  • Premium quality stainless steel leg-frames available in Satin Brass, High Polished and Black Matte
  • Three color groups. Complete item code _ _ with color abbreviation
  • Group 1: Aged Fawn (AF), Blackwood (BW), Golden Wheat (GW), Pickled Oak (PO), White Matte (WM)
  • Group 2: American Walnut (AW), Bermuda Day (BD), Black Matte (BM) , Dusty Grey (DG), Navy Blue (NB), Oregon Ash (OA), Light Maple (LM), Santorini (SN), Silverado (SV), Tuxedo Gray (TG)
  • Group 3: White Gloss (WG), Black Gloss (BG), Moroccan Sand (MS), Bermuda Nights (BN), Greyline Gloss (GG)
  • Match with AFINA mirrors